Multi Stages Fish Oil Concentration Equipment
Industrial Molecular Distillation Equipment for Continuous Fish Oil Ethyl Ester Concentration. The equipment's performance has garnered accolades and longstanding recognition from members of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), affirming its industry-leading capabilities.
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Over 16 Years of Experience In Process Control Solutions

  • Modular design
  • Standardized Construction
  • Skid-mounted Structure
  • Tailor-made of Core Equipment

Best Equipment

Fabricated by affluent workers with more than 15 years of experience. Strict quality control and carry out testing and inspection according to standards.

Professional Support

We are working closely with experienced process engineers who are capable to provide complete presales solutions and sales are certified in their business and English language skills.

Sound Quality

Approved by domestic academic institutes and more than 45 well-known brands and users at home and abroad.

Production Process Based Design

Integration of manufacturing and industrial engineering to optimize production processes and increase efficiency. Customized solution with expected process operation procedure and program.

Process Engineering, Design, Testing, Verification, Production, Inspection, Commissioning and Start Up Guidance.

Technical Guidance

Technical Engineering and Designing of process flow, with required automation integration. Make sure that the operation is quick to learn and safe. We aim to optimize the process flow and operation requirements. The modular design of equipment units benefits convenient construction and installation.

Lab./ Pilot Plant Testing and Verification

We are Providing Lab. or Pilot Unit Equipment for pre-sales testing, confirmation, and process verification. From the customer's small amount of sample and material, the testing can be carried out for process verification and equipment selection.

Full Time Production Quality Management

Strict material testing and inspection are carried out during manufacturing. Your Process Machine is completely qualified with testing and commissioning before delivery.

On Site Installation and Start Up Guidance

Online and On-site after-sales services are available for professional instruction and inspection of the installation and commissioning and start-up operation. Upon your request, we will despatch the after-sales engineer for the soonest service.

Featured Project Reference

Deep Sea Fish Oil Concentration

The equipment units have been consistently successfully applied in deep sea fish oil Omega-3 EPA/DHA concentration and purification plants. From 18/12 EPA/DHA crude fish oil enrichment to up as high as 65% to 70%.

High Concentration Purify API

Specialized Preparative Chromatography Separation System has superior process performance on marine fish oil Omega-3 EPA/DHA high concentration. From refined Omega-3 EPA/DHA to concentration above 97% monomer products. The cost of each KG material is 1/3 of traditional production.

50,000 tons of Tetrahydrofuran Pervaporization Equipment

Dehydration of Tetrahydrofuran (THF) Target from 8% to 0.2% moisture, Dehydration of Ethanol Solvent from 14% to 0.5% Moisture, Mixed Ester Dehydration from 7% to 0.5% Moisture, Acetone Dehydration from 5% to 0.5%.

Crystallization Tank System for Winterization Process

Sequential treatment Capacity of 10 tons per day for incubation and filtering fish oil at increasingly decreased temperatures for removing the stearin.

CBD Oil Concentration Unit

Evaporation Area: 2 square meters. High-Efficiency Plant extracted Oil Separation and Purification system.

Zeolite Membrane Dehydration Unit

Customized Equipment Design of Capacity from 50t/a to 50,000t/a. Dehydration of ethanol solvent is obtainable from 93% to 99.9% purity.

Trusted by clients

Always Provide An Extraordinary Project Solution

The factory is equipped with professional testing equipment and experienced manufacturing process technology and installation personnel to guarantee project management and quality service. 

Happy Customers
Year Experience
Successful Projects
Factory Size
  • Simple Process Flow
  • Key Points Automatic Control System
  • Convenient Operation and Maintenance
Feed Stream Analysis

The feedstock fraction, flow rate, temperature, pressure, density, etc are important for a feasibility study.

Lab./ Pilot Plant Testing

A pilot plant is well-equipped to provide customers with sample testing, If it is possible to send material, the process of design and specification will be more precise with sample testing and verification.

Sizing and Calculation

Your process flow and target parameters shall be calculated for the precise industrial control solution.

Equipment Production

The material shall be confirmed and fabricated with quality control, we will carry out production management and inspection procedures as per standard production procedures.

Technical Solution Discussion

Any of your technical concerns shall be discussed and clarified to secure the best technical and cooperation solution.

Delivery and Handover

A delivery note will be sent once the completion of production. Make sure the equipment items are carefully packaged and delivered in the most economic route to the user side.

File Compilation and Approve

Technical and commercial proposals and drawings shall be carefully compiled and approved.

Construction and Installation

Online and on-site guidance can be arranged on request to make sure the user side successful installation and start-up operation.

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