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Greatwall Process and Control (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. specializes in delivering bespoke solutions and process engineering services that epitomize safety, energy efficiency, and operational reliability. Our expertise is leveraged across various sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemicals, Food and Additives, Biotechnology, Clean Energy, Nutrition Technology, and Environmental Protection.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing information-based design, fabrication, installation, and start-up guidance for complete production lines. Our portfolio spans organic solvent dehydration systems, liquid-liquid separation technologies featuring molecular distillation equipment, and end-to-end purification solutions.

Our collaborative approach involves seamless coordination with process engineers, seasoned manufacturers, and reputable vendors. This enables us to achieve a nuanced understanding of customer requirements, meticulous preparation of process documentation, rigorous quality control throughout the project lifecycle, and expedited problem resolution, complemented by round-the-clock after-sales service.

The cornerstone of our organizational ethos is an unwavering commitment to quality and a profound dedication to excellence, values that have garnered us a plethora of credible references and commendable reputation both domestically and internationally.

Conforming to international benchmarks and delivering world-class services, we cultivate mutually beneficial relationships, engendering trust and success with a global clientele.

Based on Years of Project Experience with High Cost Effective Solutions

Greatwall Process & Control has been in the business of industrial control valve and process equipment supplying in China for over 18 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high-quality process solutions.

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Strict Quality Control Process

Quality Control Strategy

Before exporting our state-of-the-art machinery equipment, Greatwall Process and Control implements a rigorous quality control process, obtaining relevant certifications and certificates. Common certifications include ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, CE Certification, RoHS Certification, among others. These certifications not only enhance product quality and safety but also strengthen the market competitiveness of our offerings.

Clear Quality Standards

Establishing clear quality standards is the foundation of our quality control in the machinery manufacturing process. These standards comprehensively outline requirements for product dimensions, materials, performance, testing methods, and relevant standards. Standards are developed based on national and industry regulations, as well as the specific needs of our enterprise. Consideration is given to the actual application environment of the product and the requirements of our clients, ensuring products meet expected quality standards.

Robust Quality Management System

A robust quality management system is crucial for effective quality control. This system includes quality planning, quality control, quality assessment, and more to ensure the overall control of the production process's quality. Within the quality management system, relevant documents and procedures are established to standardize the execution and recording of various quality activities. Regular internal and external audits, as well as continuous improvement initiatives, are integral components.

Stringent Raw Material Procurement and Inspection

The quality of raw materials directly influences the final product's quality. Therefore, in the machinery manufacturing industry, strict procurement and inspection of raw materials are vital components of quality control. We establish a sound supplier management system, selecting reputable and reliable suppliers while fostering long-term stable relationships. Additionally, clear standards and inspection methods for raw material procurement are implemented to ensure compliance with quality requirements.

Fine-Tuned Processing Technology Control

In the machinery manufacturing process, processing technology is a key factor in determining product quality. To guarantee quality, our enterprise conducts fine-tuned processing technology control, including defining reasonable processing workflows, selecting appropriate process parameters, and establishing strict process control standards. For complex processing procedures, modern technologies such as Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) are leveraged to enhance precision and stability.

Strict Product Inspection and Testing

Product inspection and testing serve as the final and most direct means of quality control. In the machinery manufacturing industry, we establish stringent product inspection and testing systems, including incoming inspection, in-process inspection, and outgoing inspection. These inspections and tests adhere to product quality standards, utilizing scientific methods and accurate instruments to comprehensively assess product indicators. Inspection and test results are recorded and analyzed, enabling the timely identification and correction of issues to ensure consistent and stable product quality.

Pre-Production Preparation

Before the formal production of equipment, a series of preparatory steps are undertaken to ensure smooth production. These preparations include: Identifying materials and components required for production, ensuring adequate supply and inspection. Verifying that equipment operators possess the necessary training and expertise. Inspecting and maintaining production processes and equipment to ensure normal operation. Defining production steps and related work instructions to ensure standardized operations.

Quality Control Measures During Production

To ensure the production quality of equipment aligns with expectations, the following measures are implemented: Comprehensive inspection of raw materials and components to ensure compliance with standard requirements. Utilization of advanced production equipment and technology to ensure efficient and accurate manufacturing processes, minimizing human error. Implementation of strict quality sampling inspections during the production process to assess product qualification rates, enabling timely adjustments and tracing the source of quality issues. Regular maintenance of production equipment to ensure normal operation and stability, avoiding adverse effects on product quality. Establishment of standardized production processes and operation manuals to ensure process standardization and operator consistency. Training and enhancing the skills of operators to increase their sensitivity and responsibility for quality control.

Product Quality Tracking and Analysis

We will establish a comprehensive product quality tracking and analysis system to promptly detect and address quality issues. Specific measures include: Establishment of a complete quality indicator system, clearly defining key product quality indicators. Creation of product quality files, recording and tracking the quality information of each product. Implementation of procedures for reporting abnormal quality and handling defective products, ensuring timely resolution and tracking of quality issues. Analysis of the causes and trends of quality issues, formulation of corresponding improvement measures to prevent the recurrence of similar problems.

Our Principle


Hold to promises and contracts, Full of perseverance, Stand up to the inurement and challenges, Honest and upright, Be practical and realistic.


No innovation, no vitality; Wisdom and continuous improvement are all to be innovation; Keep learning, challenge convention, and encourage risk-taking.


no pains, no gains; Who dedicates first, who will receive the respect and get the most return; Actively undertaking, setting yourself as an example to others, and focusing on the future.


Our staff and customers are of the same importance for the interests of the company; The small river will be full if the big river has water. A company with the rich ability and strong staff will be powerful. Respect, help, and care for each other.

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