Thermal Oil Heater

Gas/Oil-Fired Modular Heater

Welcome to the forefront of industrial heating solutions, where we lead the way in energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology.

Our expertise lies in high-performance gas/oil-fired heaters tailored specifically for industrial applications. With our cutting-edge modular design, we deliver exceptional heat output and reliability, ensuring optimal performance and maximum efficiency for your industrial processes.

Our top-of-the-line gas/oil-fired steam boilers and furnaces are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments, providing unparalleled heating power while minimizing environmental impact. Experience the pinnacle of industrial heating excellence with our innovative solutions, designed to elevate your operations to new levels of productivity and sustainability.

  • 35 years of Industrial Thermal Heating Machine Experience
  • National Free-inspection Product
  • R&D Expertise and Strict Quality Management System
  • Lifetime Maintenance and Fast Responsive After Sales Service
  • Energy Saving Structure with High Efficiency
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What Sets Us Apart?

  1.  Exemption from annual inspection and installation reporting.
  2. Clean energy, low carbon emissions.
  3. Save 30% ~ 40% compared to electricity consumption.
  4. License-free professional operation.
  5. Replacing the traditional large boiler.
  6. Point-to-point supply of thermal energy with high efficiency.
  7. Small space coverage, short on-site construction period, flexible and convenient.
  8. Modular installation nearby, reducing heat loss over long distances.
  9. Small power circulation system, low power consumption.
  10. Low maintenance cost of microcomputer MMI automation control.

Why Choose Modular Thermal Heater to Replace Traditional Large Boilers?

The modular thermal heater distinctly outshines the traditional large boiler, offering a blend of efficiency, flexibility, and environmental responsibility. By choosing the modular thermal heater, businesses not only optimize their operations but also make an environmentally conscientious decision, ensuring long-term benefits in both economic and ecological dimensions.

Comprehensive Components

The machine is adeptly integrated with a shell, machine body, combustor, energy saver, oil and gas separator, circulating oil pump, gas control units, and an automatic electronic control system, presenting a holistic solution for your heating needs.

Superior Material Selection

The modular heater body incorporates pressed components crafted from the GB/T3087-2008 20# boiler special seamless steel tube. These are sourced from renowned domestic producers — specifically, the acclaimed Tianjin Steel Pipe Group.

Ingenious Combustion Chamber Design

Utilizing a dual-ring coil, the combustion chamber mitigates the thermal stress exerted on the machine body. Moreover, it is fortified with three returns and the high-grade insulating material, aluminum silicate fiber (with a thickness of 100mm), which is both lightweight and possesses remarkable thermal insulation properties, ensuring minimal heat dissipation and augmented thermal efficiency.

State-of-the-Art Burner Integration

Equipped with globally recognized natural gas burners, the machine assures full combustion, thereby heightening safety and prolonging the reliability of its service lifespan.

Smart Operational Intelligence

The gas modular heater is programmed for autonomous operation. It adeptly adjusts temperature based on heating requisites and modulates gas intake autonomously, resulting in tangible reductions in fuel consumption and consequent operational cost savings

User-Friendly Controls with Enhanced Safety Features

Commencing operations or shutting down the gas-fired modular heater is effortlessly executed with a single keypress. Moreover, the machine is fortified with an array of alarm chain protective mechanisms that encompass scenarios like low gas pressure, overpressure, irregular oil levels, anomalous ignition, and more. This ensures not just efficient but also secure operations at all times.

Modular Thermal Heater Vs. Traditional Large Boiler

Modular Gas/Oil Fired Thermal Oil Heater
  1. Swift Initial Heating: Achieves operational temperature rapidly, leading to a significant reduction in power consumption by 30-50%.

  2. Optimized Structural Design: A modular intelligent integrated structure facilitates proximate installation, mitigating heat loss that typically results from extended pipeline transfers.

  3. Precision Heat Supply: Point-to-point heating delivery translates into augmented efficiency and unparalleled flexibility in operations.

  4. Environmentally Conscientious: Boasts an ultra-low nitrogen emission rate of 30mg/m³ NOX, effortlessly meeting stringent discharge standards.

  5. Consistent Heating: Integrated with a top-tier branded combustion system ensuring a consistent and stable heating output.

  6. User-Centric Interface: The smart HMI system assures a straightforward operational workflow, allowing swift familiarization.

  7. Regulatory Benefits: The modular design is exempt from the rigors of annual inspections and the need for operational certification.

  8. Advanced Automation: Incorporates a multi-faceted safety locking chain protection system, yielding highly automated operations and diminished maintenance costs.

Traditional Large Boiler
  1. Prolonged Heating Time: Extended initial heating phase results in escalated power consumption.

  2. Inefficiencies in Heat Transfer: Longer pipelines lead to significant oil and energy consumption, diminishing efficiency.

  3. Rigidity in Heat Supply: Traditional boilers lack the flexibility required for precise temperature control across varied equipment.

  4. Elevated Power Consumption: The boiler’s circulating pump is notorious for its high power consumption.

  5. Added Maintenance Costs: The necessity for specialized emission treatments elevates maintenance expenses.

  6. Construction Delays: The demand for a specific boiler room culminates in extended construction timelines.

  7. Operational Constraints: Requires a certified full-time stoker for its operations.

  8. Regulatory Challenges: Necessitates special equipment construction permissions and annual inspections.

  9. Maintenance and Replacement Issues: Boasts a multitude of wear-and-tear components, leading to frequent maintenance and replacements.

Gas Fired Thermal Oil Heating Machine

Featured Technical Specification
Heating Medium320# conduction oil
Power Supply3 phase 380V-420V/50Hz
Rated Thermal Power96KW
Installed Power9/12.5 kw
Hot oil pump power7.5/11 kw
Hot oil pump flow rate40&50 m³/hr
Oil pump head40&50 meter
Fan Power1.5 kw
Design Pressure0.8 MPa
Temperature Control UnitSchneider
Inlet and Outlet TubingDN100
Gas Pressure3-7 KPa
Full Loading Gas Flow Rate34 m³/hr
Dimension2820*1380*2170 mm

Service Areas

Our modular thermal heating solutions cater to an extensive range of industrial sectors, including:

  • Material Processing
  • Rubber Manufacturing
  • Chemical Production
  • Printing & Coating Applications
  • Food & Oil Processing
  • Plastics Industry
  • Asphalt Production
  • Waterproofing Solutions
  • Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturing
  • Footwear Production
  • Chemical Fiber Production
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Packaging Industry

Our Services

From Process Engineering to Complete Production Information-Based Design & Supply

24/7 Support

Our sales team will respond to your inquiries within 4 working hours, and after-sales support is assured within 48 hours.

Online&Site Tutorials

Process operations and technical documents are available for handover and ensure that each operator receives them prior to system unit operation.

Powerful Design Capacities

Starting from the initial technical specifications and process flow to meet your expected target output quality, to the final approved performance is guaranteed.

Strict Quality Control

Sophisticated equipment manufacturing, strict production quality control, inspection, and testing prior to delivery.

Prolong Warranty Period

Provide a warranty period of at least two years for the membrane unit, including the membrane tube, sealing, and membrane shell.

On Site Commissioning

Engineers with 10+ years of experience will be dispatched upon request to support the start-up and commissioning work on-site.

Precision Quality Control
  • Operation Current Inspection
  • Gas Leakage Inspection
  • Differential Pressure Detection
  • Burning Smoking Detection
High Quality Accessories

Schneider Low Voltage Switch

Frequency Converter

Y Type Strainer

HMI Controller

Gas Solenoid Valve Unit

Bellow Type Globe Valve

Program Controller